Litigation Funding

We know that litigation can be a daunting, expensive and lengthy process. Pursuing justice for claimants requires strength, resolve, expertise and a detailed understanding of risk. 

Individuals and businesses often choose not to pursue legal action because they are unable or unwilling to finance lengthy court proceedings and the financial risks involved. 

Our combination of legal and financial expertise, combined with secure capital funds, means we can move quickly to provide tailored funding solutions that remove some or all of the financial risk associated with litigation.


What is litigation funding?

Litigation funding is a way of redressing the balance of legal claims. Until recently, well-funded defendants were frequently able to outspend their opponents and make the pursuit of justice difficult, risky and, in some cases, impossible. This often meant justice was not pursued, even when a business had an excellent claim.

Litigation funding from us can bear as much of the cost and risk involved in pursuing justice as you require (subject to agreement), enabling sound actions to go ahead when they might otherwise have stalled.


What’s in it for De Legibus?

In return for taking on significant financial risk, we receive a percentage of the damages recovered or a multiple of the costs funded – assuming the case is won. If the proceedings fail, we receive nothing. 

What’s in it for De Legibus?

Historically, parties with good claims but without the financial strength to pursue them have turned to third party litigation funding. On balance, it is often better to share the proceeds of a successful case than keep 100% of a claim of which they can’t get over the finish line on their own.

Increasingly, businesses with the means to pursue litigation are turning to third party litigation funding to reduce the inherent risk involved in any litigation, mitigate the detrimental effect of lengthy claims on cash flow and to remove litigation costs from the balance sheet.