Our Services

We provide civil litigation funding for individuals and businesses in which we assume cost risk for a share in the litigation success.

We provide funding for claims with a good chance of success, with a value in dispute of at least CHF 10 Million and filed against a solvent counterparty.


We fund proceedings from diverse legal domains, such as corporate law, real estate law, intellectual property, banking and insurance law, investment protection law, cartel damage compensation, environment law and insolvency law.


We see ourselves as an independent and reliable partner for our clients. De Legibus Limited strengthens its client’s position effectively by assuming the legal risk until the end of the proceedings. We hereby address:

  • Individuals and businesses that do not wish to assume the cost risks associated with their claims;
  • Lawyers who are looking for a financial solution for their clients with regard to an upcoming litigation;
  • Elected representatives such as bankruptcy trustees who want to hedge against the litigation costs risk associated with the successful safeguarding of interests.

In close consultation with the plaintiffs’ legal counsels, we examine carefully whether and how the existing claims can be successfully enforced and executed, and draw up a tailor-made funding structure for the plaintiff. This involves us assuming and bearing the financial risks of the proceedings and partaking of the outcome of the proceedings actually achieved by the plaintiff. We strive for a fair reconciliation of interests between our clients and ourselves on the basis of a joint risk assessment.

We are available for individual discussions and will examine, without obligation and free-of-charge, all documentation regarding a potential litigation funding.

We offer various funding models in which the risk and cost may be more or less shared and the management of the claim handled more or less by us. The type of agreement has to be agreed on an individual basis between us and the client.